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UniMAP have two nurseries. One located in Taman Mewah, Kangar and another one in UniMAP Pauh's Campus, Student Centre,  School Of Mecatronic Engineering.

The nursery in Kangar were given the nameTaska Pewaris Generasi UniMAP Kangar and the Nursery in UniMAP Pauh's Campus were given the nameTaska Pewaris Generasi UniMAP Pauh.

The Nursery in Kangar started their operation since September 2012 and also was the first child care premise that been created and the nursery in Pauh was operated since Mac 2016.

There are 37 kids in Kangar's Nursery and there are 30 kids in Pauh's Nursery.

Nursery acepted baby from the age of two month until toodler age 4 years old.There is one operater and 8 teachers in Kangar's Nursery and there is one operater and 7 teachers in Pauh's Nursery.

Nursery operation started at 7.30 am until 6.30 pm for Kangar's Nursery and for Pauh's Nursery started ats 7.30 am until 5.45 pm because all the parent that sent their kids in Pauh's branch work at UniMAP Pauh;s Campus and for the Kangar's branch, there are some parent work in UniMAP Pauh's Campus and UniMAP Unicity Campus. So,the Kangar's branch give some special time to the parent to pick up their child. For the UniMAP aerobic's day that is usually on Wednesday, the nursery will open at 7.20 am because UniMAP aerobics started early.

During Fasting month, the operation hours for Kangar branch is 7.30 am until 5.30 pm and for Pauh's branch is 7.30 am until 5.00 pm because during fasting month, UniMAP staff can touch out at 4.45 pm.