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History of Islamic Center

Formerly the Islamic Center known only as the Islamic Religious Unit, which was established in July 2003. The Islamic Religious Unit also serves as coordinator of all religious, spiritual and religious activities for students and students as well as the staff of Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). Generally, the Islamic Religious Unit does not focus on specific areas of expertise but rather on welfare (coordinating religious activities for campus residents and counseling and so on.

In line with the development of UniMAP with the establishment of a permanent campus in Ulu Pauh Perlis and the increase in the number of students from year to year, the Islamic Center will be set up to continue the expansion of Muslim students and students. With the Islamic Center it is able to lay a strong foundation of faith and to produce moral human capital even outside the field of study that recognizes the realities of the world and the ukhrawi.

The process of spiritual education is absorbed through various activities such as Quran study classes, Postgraduate study classes, Fardhu 'Ain classes, seminars, forums, workshops and dissemination of leaflets from time to time. The Islamic Center strongly encourages all UniMAP campus residents to use the complex for religious activities and programs as well as provide opportunities for non-Muslims to get to know Islam more closely.

In addition, UniMAP will have 3 campuses to be built at Ulu Pauh (Main Campus), City Campus (Jejawi, Seriab & Kangar) and Sg Campus. Chuchuh (Center for Agrotechnology). Sub-divisions and small units of the Islamic Center will be formed to ensure that all planning and coordinating of religious activities can be channeled.