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Activity and Human Capital Development Unit

Activity and Human Capital Development Unit

  1. Collobaration program at MAHEIS level and government departments of Perlis
  2. Pre-Marital Courses
  3. Organize activity related to unit
  4. Cooperation with (JAKIM, PERKIM, YADIM, JHEAIPs, State Mufti Department, National Fatwa Council)
  5. Organize performance activity ( Courses, Seminar, Workshop, Convocation)  for student and staff such as:

              -     Funeral Management Course (Staff/Student)

              -     Slaughter Course

              -     Hajj and Pilgrim Course (Staff/Student)

              -     Pre-Marital Course (Staff/Student)

              -     After Marriage and Pleasant Family Course (Staff Only)

              -     Reflaction and Outstanding Performance (Staff Only)

              -     Prayer Camp (Staff/Student)

              -     Tajwid Camp (Staff Children)



The Responsible Officer

Ustaz Mohd Fikri Aiman bin Mohd Zulkifli
Islamic Affairs Officer